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Tracy Ragan, Co-Founder & CEO – DeployHub | KubeCon Seattle


In this episode of Let’s Talk, Tracy Ragan talks about the problem Kubernetes users face and how her company DeployHub is solving them. She also talked about her hobbies including horse riding.

Show: TFiR Let’s Talk
Location: KubeCon 2018, Seattle
Host: Swapnil Bhartiya, founder and editor-in-chief – TFiR
Guest: Tracy Ragan, co-founder and CEO – DeployHub

Topics Discussed:

  • 00:25 Comment on KubeCon Seattle
  • 00:55 What problems was DeployHub trying to solve
  • 02:46 Solving CI/CD problems
  • 03:57 How much of DeployHub work is Open Source
  • 05:33 Hobbies & Horses.

Listen to the podcast:

Note: Full story coming soon.