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Tricentis Adds Virtual Mobile Grid To Tricentis Mobile


Tricentis today announced the addition of Virtual Mobile Grid to Tricentis Mobile, solidifying it as what the company claims to be the most comprehensive, end-to-end mobile testing solution on the market. The Virtual Mobile Grid follows the recent announcements of Tricentis Device Cloud and the acquisition of Waldo.

Tricentis Mobile enables software engineers and developers to test apps on thousands of real and virtual devices from Apple, Samsung, Google, smartphones to tablets, mobile browsers and more. Together with Tricentis Device Cloud, the Virtual Mobile Grid provides Tricentis Mobile greater flexibility and coverage of mobile applications. Teams can author mobile tests faster and more easily, run using real devices or virtual devices, and gain essential insights across all stages of the development cycle—all from within a single platform.

Tricentis Mobile brings together Tricentis Testim Mobile, Tricentis Tosca Mobile, and the Tricentis Device Cloud as part of a single platform. The Virtual Mobile Grid was developed using technology acquired from Waldo and is now available in Testim Mobile with plans to add to Tosca Mobile in a future release.

Tricentis Mobile’s advanced capabilities include:

  • The ability to seamlessly test on real and virtual devices in the cloud: Organizations can now test end to end at every layer (desktop, web, API and mobile) across thousands of iOS and Android devices to ensure consistency across business processes.
  • AI-enabled analytics to pinpoint mobile failures rapidly: Neural network technology provides the ability to intuitively see and understand mobile interfaces (objects, images, video, audio) to detect critical mobile failures while also optimizing for native features, performance, and platform-specific UX.
  • End-to-end mobile testing solution for accelerated app delivery: Teams can now build and run no-code tests to identify and resolve critical UX and performance issues through real-time tracking of 130+ KPIs related to network, location, response time, CPU, and more.
  • Codeless, SaaS-based test automation for accelerated high-quality releases: Author and execute mobile tests faster using a wide range of iOS simulators and Android emulators to increase user satisfaction and application performance.