Trilio has launched TrilioVault for Kubernetes v2.0, including a new management console to discover, control and manage data protection for Kubernetes applications across hybrid- and multi-cloud environments.

As part of the latest TrilioVault for Kubernetes release, Trilio also announced enhanced enterprise-grade Kubernetes backup and restore capabilities. These include application support, certification of new distributions and multi-cloud enablement use cases.

The TrilioVault Management Console allows users to discover their Kubernetes applications and apply the appropriate data protection policies while managing and monitoring their backup and restore plans across hybrid- and multi-cloud environments.

The TrilioVault Management Console offers discovery of Kubernetes applications, clusters and namespaces; intuitive management of backup and restore plans in real-time in multiple clouds; and simple workflows for managing application consistent backups and reconfiguring restore data.

It also offers the ability to migrate application data and metadata to other clouds offering application agility and monitoring of overall health and performance metrics and application summary.

Trilio released the following enterprise-grade backup and restore features to meet the needs of Kubernetes applications: Namespace Backup, Distribution Support, Database Support, Enhanced Multi-Cloud Migration and Enhanced Kubernetes Application Support.

TrilioVault for Kubernetes is Red Hat OpenShift Operator Certified. It is available as a Free Trial or Enterprise Edition at trilio.io, Red Hat Marketplace and with IBM’s Cloud Paks.

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