The integration of coding into a school’s curriculum has become all the more important with the advancement of technology.

Despite an awareness for an increase in coding attainment, the implementation of computing and coding resources into classrooms has faced numerous challenges. In large part, this is due to a lack of engaging resources that support STEM learning in practical ways, according to Ricky Ye, CEO of DFRobot.

“Recently, we have witnessed greater emphasis on STEM learning and as a result, more and more primary school are implementing coding into the curriculum however, it is essential to ensure that these classes are continued throughout secondary schools as well,” said Ricky Y.

Secondary schools that have after-school clubs and activities that focus on building upon these coding skills, like a robotics club, offer more ways for students to build their skills outside of the constraints of curriculum and provide students with more opportunities for success in the workforce.

Students can opt for a class that reiterates the basics of coding and build smaller projects. For instance, the Maqueen – a portable robot for micro:bit that is great for group activities, or advanced projects, like a complex hover board and sensors.

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