Equinix Metal is building an open ecosystem around Kubernetes, working with a large partner community, instead of creating its own managed Kubernetes services. Mark Coleman, Senior Director of Developer Relations at Equinix, joins me to discuss the importance of an open ecosystem and why Equinix is doing it.

Guest: Mark Coleman (LinkedIn)
Company: Equinix Metal (Twitter)

Mark Coleman: You Know, Swapnil, what it comes down to is we think that other people are better at this than we are, and as we’re moving this hybrid and now things like interconnection, which we’re making this much more of a horizontalized market and because it’s a horizontalized market, it makes more sense for us to stay in our lane and then work with the incredibly smart people at all of our partners. So of whom are here today, where they’re focusing on what they’re best at too. And the combination of those we think is likely going to be better, not only for supporting companies in our ecosystem and for future innovation, but also of course, for our customers.


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