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Why Linode Moved Away From Proprietary Technologies


Linode is the top alternative cloud provider that has become the first choice for users who trust open source technologies to power their cloud needs. Dan Spataro, Vice President Of Infrastructure Operations at Linode, talks about how Linode moved away from proprietary vendors, closed systems to open source technologies over a period of time.  Enjoy the TFiR Clip above.

Guest: Dan Spataro
Company: Linode
Show: Let’s Talk

In the past, we used to use a lot of proprietary vendors, closed systems, a lot of the protocols, you know, we’re not opened to provide redundancy to our network. We decided to move away from that path, you know, we’d rather move toward more towards an Open Source network. So when we disaggregated our software from our hardware, you know, we actually launched something that we call el nos Linode network operating system, which runs on Linux. It runs our full monitoring and orchestration stack. It uses switch dev to kind of program the forwarding information. So everything is line rate. We actually looked at other Open Source projects like Sonic, and soon I think dent is gaining traction, you know, he’ll nos could spin into one of those. But right now for the features that we need. It serves its purpose.