Wolters Kluwer Introduces AI To Its Clinical Surveillance Solution


With an aim to improve patient outcomes, Wolters Kluwer, Health has introduced machine learning and AI technology to its surveillance solution—Sentri7—to predict healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs).

Wolters Kluwer, Health aims to ensure that every patient benefits from the best knowledge and evidence to improve their care.

“With Sentri7’s predictive C. diff infection risk score, clinicians can identify high-risk patients, remove modifiable risk factors and initiate evidence-based care much sooner,” said Karen Kobelski, Vice President and General Manager, Clinical Surveillance, Compliance & Data Solutions at Wolters Kluwer, Health.

Sentri7 is said to integrate with electronic health record (EHR) solutions to aggregate data and run evidence-based rules and alerts in real-time to provide insights on a patient population.