Looking forward to the bendy magic in next smartphone from Samsung? Well, you can now add a laptop too in your ultimate-gadget wish list. Samsung confirmed that it is working on a foldable laptop during a showcase event in Seoul on Monday.

“Like foldable smartphones, Samsung is collaborating with display makers to develop laptops with foldable displays that will not just simply fold in and out but create new value and user experience, amid the changing market trends for laptops,” The Korea Herald quoted Lee Min-cheol, VP of marketing for PCs at Samsung as saying.

The Korean electronics company is currently working to develop large AMOLED displays for laptops with panel makers, he added without revealing the names of the companies it is working with.

Replying to the question why Samsung wants to continue with the PC business within the mobile and IT communications division despite the weakening standing of PCs among IT products, Lee said that the electronics giant is currently selling around 3.2 million PCs annually, mainly in Korea, the US, China and Brazil, which cover a total of 45 percent of the entire PC market.

“PCs play a centric role among IT products in increasing connectivity with other mobile devices, so we will continue developing innovative PCs with partners like Intel, Microsoft and KT,” Lee averred.

After being in talks for several years, Samsung’s foldable handset is finally set to be unveiled at the Samsung Developer Conference next month. Hope the bendy laptop just doesn’t remain in talks in the coming months and instead gets the official release date without further ado.

Samsung, are you all ears?

Source: The Korea Herald

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