Build Kubernetes-Based Edge Clouds with Mirantis


Mirantis is evolving fast. A company that started off as a pure-play OpenStack player has not metamorphosed into a player that’s helping customers embrace their cloud-native journey and is commercializing hottest technologies like Kubernetes, Spinnaker to address new use-cases.

Mirantis has announced the release of Mirantis Cloud Platform Edge (MCP Edge), offering operators a complete software solution designed for edge cloud use cases.

MCP Edge delivers low footprint, low latency and high throughput edge infrastructure that is based on open standards and can be centrally managed. The software product integrates Kubernetes, OpenStack and Mirantis’ flexible infrastructure manager, DriveTrain, empowering operators to deploy a combination of container, VM and bare metal points of presence (POPs) connected by a unified management plane.

Unlike “the core” cloud infrastructure that is generally uniform and centralized, edge infrastructure consists of many geographically distributed points of presence with heterogeneous architecture. As such, deploying and running edge infrastructure cost efficiently forces service providers to rethink existing approaches to deployment and management.

You can download a demo version of MCP Edge to try it out.