If a new patent is anything to go by, Amazon’s Alexa will automatically detect if you’ve a cough or a cold and also suggest a recipe for chicken soup in near future. The proposed feature will also enable the virtual assistant to order cough drops online with one-hour delivery time.

Moreover, the futuristic version of Alexa will be able to detect if you are happy or sad, sleepy or crying, your accent is Chinese or British or Australian, and your age and gender as well.

“A cough or sniffle, or crying, may indicate that the user has a specific physical or emotional abnormality,” says the patent.

Uh, sounds creepy! Isn’t it? So are you actually looking forward to an AI assistant that can automatically detect your physical or emotional status?

Source: United States Patent

Canonical has plans to release Ubuntu 18.10, codenamed Cosmic Cuttlefish, on October 18. The company recently revealed the official Cosmic Cuttlefish wallpaper On Twitter too. Unlike Ubuntu 18.04, the standard release will receive support for nine months only.

“Codenamed “Cosmic Cuttlefish”, 18.10 continues Ubuntu’s proud tradition of integrating the latest and greatest open source technologies into a high-quality, easy-to-use Linux distribution,” Canonical Software Engineer Adam Conrad earlier said.

Ubuntu 18.10 benefits from the new Yaru GTK theme to impart new look and feel. It comes with GNOME 3.30 desktop environment as default and is powered by Linux 4.18 to provide obvious fixes, better performance and better hardware support.

Source: Ubuntu Archives

It’s time to knock down stereotypes that engineering and manufacturing are just men’s jobs. The Society of Women Engineers’ annual conference will soon be held in Minneapolis to correct that unconscious bias.

The event, which kicks off October 18, will see participation of over 14,000 women engineers for training, networking and other professional development. Karen Horting, CEO of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE), says: “We know that in order for organizations to be innovative and more profitable, it’s necessary to have more gender balance in the profession.”
Around 70 percent of the total attendees are likely to be from outside Minnesota.

Source: The Business Journals

Cloud Foundry Foundation recently closed its 2018 European Cloud Foundry Summit in Basel, Switzerland. “It was thrilling to see 1,000 enterprise developers, architects, engineers, and executives attend the European Summit this year in Basel,” said Abby Kearns, Executive Director, Cloud Foundry Foundation.

It also announced the call for papers for its 2019 North American Summit, which will take place April 2-4, 2019 in Philadelphia, PA, is now open until November 30.

Additionally, Cloud Foundry announced its upcoming 2019 European Summit will take place on September 11-12, 2019 in The Hague, Netherlands.
In addition to the official launch of its Certified Systems Integrator Program, Cloud Foundry announced two new projects — Eirini and CF Containerization — have been accepted as incubating projects by the Project Management Committees (PMCs), which oversee platform engineering of the open source projects, in order to further the interoperability of Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes.

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