Applitools, provider of the next generation test automation platform powered by Visual AI, has announced the launch of an Early Access Program for Centra, a new tool designed to connect teams across the product delivery lifecycle.

Now available for early access at no cost, Centra connects teams across the product delivery lifecycle to track, validate, and collaborate on user interfaces at every stage of the process, from design to implementation.

Designs and mockups, from tools like Figma, are uploaded to Applitools Centra and compared against implementations in local, staging, or production environments. Every team involved in the process can then validate that the user interface (UI) looks exactly as it was intended, collaborate with others on the team and share feedback on the design and implementation.

With Centra, every team involved in UI creation and implementation is united on one platform that makes communication and collaboration simple. Teams that use Centra can see benefits like: better applications resulting from collaboration from all the different stakeholders at an early stage, less UI drift between design and experience, design as documentation and better visibility of changes over time.

Applitools Centra is available for early access and will be generally available soon.

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