Software intelligence company Dynatrace has announced the launch of the AutomationEngine. The new Dynatrace platform technology features an intuitive interface and no-code and low-code toolset and leverages Davis causal AI to empower teams to extend answer-driven automation across boundless BizDevSecOps workflows. A few examples include:

  • Automated remediation and progressive delivery to continuously evaluate software against specific, measurable service level objectives (SLOs).
  • Automated routing of vulnerabilities discovered by Dynatrace Application Security to the right people while reducing false positives to ensure prompt action.
  • Forecasting future cloud infrastructure and compute resource requirements and automating provisioning to help ensure a superior customer experience.

The Dynatrace AutomationEngine is designed to deliver answer-driven automation that enables organizations to operate clouds more efficiently, innovate faster and more securely, and ensure consistently better business results.

The company plans to make the Dynatrace AutomationEngine available within 90 days of this announcement.

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