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IBM’s New FlashSystem Family


IBM has announced the new FlashSystem family, designed to simplify storage infrastructure, reduce complexity and cut costs, while continuing to deliver support for hybrid and multicloud platforms.

Through its IBM Spectrum Virtualize software foundation, IBM FlashSystem can integrate storage from over 500 other heterogeneous storage systems.

According to Bob Elliot, Vice President, Storage Sales at IBM Business Partner Mainline Information Systems, “By combining multiple award-winning solutions into one family, IBM is not only protecting existing customers’ investments, they are also providing strong innovation into the future.”

IBM FlashSystem includes AI-driven IBM EasyTier capability that helps place the right data on the right tier at the right time. The system takes care of transparently moving the hottest blocks of data up the tiers while the cooler blocks of data are moved down. With EasyTier, you can configure storage environments with a small amount of the highest performing tiers and a larger quantity of more economical storage.

The new IBM FlashSystem family adds four new enterprise-class systems: IBM FlashSystem 7200, IBM FlashSystem 9200, and IBM FlashSystem 9200R, joined in by entry enterprise FlashSystem 5010, 5030, and 5100.

All members of the IBM FlashSystem family, except the all-flash FlashSystem 9200 and 9200R, are available in both all-flash and hybrid flash models.