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LF AI Foundation and ODPi have announced plans to come together under the new LF AI & Data Foundation. As one entity under the Linux Foundation, this consolidated and focused effort will enable additional collaboration and integration in the space of AI/ML/DL and Data.

With the creation of LF AI & Data, both communities will now support a growing ecosystem of artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning and data technologies.

ODPi and its projects Egeria and OpenDS4All will become hosted projects under the LF AI & Data Foundation, with BI and AI becoming a committee within the foundation.

They will maintain their current open technical governance model, establish collaboration with other hosted projects in LF AI & Data via the efforts of the its Technical Advisory Council, and benefit from a host of services offered to facilitate collaboration and increased adoption.

Furthermore, as member-driven organizations, joining forces under LF AI & Data will allow greater efficiency for members across the various services we offer to our hosted projects.

New members of LF AI & Data Foundation include aivancity School for Technology, Business & Society, AlphaBravo, Cloudera, Databricks, Index Analytics, ING Bank, OpenI, Precisely, Peng Cheng Laboratory, SAS Institute, and the Shanghai OpenSource Information Technology Association.

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