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Nextcloud Launches Easy Data Migration Tools

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Nextcloud has announced availability of easy migration apps for Nextcloud users looking to move from popular proprietary cloud services to a private cloud platform.

Files will be automatically transferred to Nextcloud and import of calendar, contacts and other data is available for some of the migrations.

The migrations include Google migration, where calendars, contacts, photos, files from Drive and documents from Google Docs are migrated into their respective Nextcloud services. Moreover, users of Google Photos are recommended Nextcloud apps like Maps and Facerecognition to replace their current platform.

For Dropbox, file import is available, preserving directory structure. Microsoft OneDrive users can also migrate file and folder structure, with other data migration options on our roadmap. On request of many users, Nextcloud’s migration path from ownCloud was also updated to move directly to the latest Nextcloud 20 release.

According to the company, the recent Nextcloud 20 release decreased the pain of dealing with heterogeneous environments where Slack, Matrix, Teams, SharePoint and other technologies are used by introducing integrations with those platforms.

The introduction of easy data migration tools for Nextcloud is aimed at lowering this all-important barrier to use.