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Traefik Labs Launches Kubernetes-native API Management With Traefik Hub


Traefik Labs has launched the industry’s first Kubernetes-native API management with Traefik Hub, for publishing, securing, and managing APIs with support for Traefik and third-party ingress controllers including NGINX.

With the global rise of APIs and API-first strategies becoming more commonplace in organizations, existing API management solutions are struggling to provide a cloud-native experience and quick time to value, with their users facing steep learning curves, growing operational complexity, and lack of deployment flexibility. Traefik Hub has created a modern, intuitive, and open approach to API management that drastically simplifies and accelerates the API management lifecycle, delivering the following.

  • Quick time to value through a Kubernetes-native API management operating model: Through the use of Kubernetes Custom Resource Definitions (CRDs), Traefik Hub eliminates unnecessary complexity and offers a clean and intuitive configuration experience, even for those new to Kubernetes. Users can group their APIs and facilitate the reuse of the groupings across multiple API initiatives.
  • Operational efficiency through a centralized, fully GitOps compliant, control plane: Traefik Hub offers a centralized control plane that simplifies the configuration of the fleet of API gateways running in an environment by eliminating manual configurations that reduces the risk of human error and ensures that service levels (SLOs and SLAs) are met. Furthermore, DevOps, SRE (site reliability engineers) and platform engineers can leverage Traefik Hub’s strict GitOps compliance to fully automate common design patterns such as access control, rate limiting, and certificate management, while ensuring complete auditability of API management best practices.
  • Deployment flexibility with support for third-party ingress controllers across hybrid, multi-cloud, and edge environments: Traefik Hub fits into any existing Kubernetes architecture with no additional tooling, providing a seamless experience for all teams across any deployment environment. It also provides support for Traefik and third-party ingress controllers like NGINX, making Traefik Hub the most open, interoperable, and flexible platform for organizations looking to fast track their API initiatives.

The latest version of Traefik Hub is currently in closed Beta and will be publicly available on May 16.