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Velotix Brings Microsoft Azure Customers Safer, Faster Access To Data


Velotix, a data security company, announced that Velotix AI-powered data access and policy management is available in the Microsoft Azure marketplace. The Velotix data security platform governs and controls compliant access to data throughout the data access lifecycle to provide maximum data utilization with minimum risk.

By using Velotix, Microsoft Azure customers can more easily and securely access data while benefiting from scalable, reliable, and serverless analytics. Data teams can centralize data access and security policies using automated enforcement across Azure Synapse, Azure Databricks, Azure SQL Databases, PowerBI, and more — through modern, fine-grained, attribute-based access controls (ABAC).

Automatically tagging and discovering data, Velotix creates a single repository for accessing information and granting and revoking permissions. Users are able to enter data access requests and manage a self-service portal to track compliance and monitor the health of organizational data access. Leveraging the power of AI, Velotix continuously learns and documents organizational policies and external regulations to keep companies compliant.